22 Excuses For Playing Too Small and Not Living Your Destiny
This weekend I watched the movie “Finding Joe” about a concept Joseph Campbell researched he describes as the Hero’s Journey. It’s a saga seen across nearly every kind of myth in just about every culture - and still being played out today in Hollywood blockbusters. (Think Star Wars, Shrek or Lord of the Rings.) The hero discovers they are more than they imagined and in the process they overcome obstacles to ‘slay’ their own dragons. Then they return transformed in some way and share
Freeing your Inner Child to Unleash More Joy, Happiness and Creativity
What is it about “adults” that some of them (notice I didn’t say “us”) get so tied up in being “grown up”? Each year I co-host an Impact trip to Haiti with Maverick member, Doug Doebler and one of my mentors, mega real estate entrepreneur and philanthropist, Frank McKinney. We take a group of Mavericks, entrepreneurs, leaders and other extraordinary individuals who each donate the cost of a house to be built. We immerse ourselves in the culture and work going on to help transform
“Is your ‘Mission’ more important than your family?”
That’s the question one of our Maverick1000 members wives, "D," asked me… Let me set the scene for you. We were in the Swedish Arctic, basically in the middle of nowhere. It was midnight, everyone had just driven their own team of dogs out to the Wilderness Lodge and a few of us were outside by the fire. These are the kind of meaningful conversations I enjoy. It’s a tough question and I decided to be more honest with her than I have ever been - even with myself. I took a deep breath
The Lost Art of the Handwritten Note
Let’s face it, in today’s digitally wired society there seems to be a slippery slope of what passes for meaningful communication. Look, I’m as guilty as anyone. Actually, I used text to give condolences on a friend’s loss of her father recently. I can do better. Going beyond a Facebook message, text or email and actually create a connection, with intention, is when something much more magical happens. I’ve always known it. You have too. And a handwritten note is one of those