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At the Underground® I was super excited to share 2 brand new presentations. The first on Community Code 2.0: Creating Tribes of Beloved Brand Builders and my closing keynote on Evolved Enterprise™. It was truly an honor to receive a standing ovation for the material. I’m really excited to explore this further and make it one of my next books. (I even had attendees coming up afterwards saying they almost cried watching this presentation, and that’s never happened before!)

I believe there is a shift going on, and I predict that businesses without a core IMPACT will be at a competitive disadvantage in 4-7 years (or less).

IMG_4148I’m calling it Evolved Enterprise™ and it’s the notion that business in the 21st century can be leveraged as a multiplier for good…co-creating something great. The Evolved Enterprise™ serves all stakeholders delivering an exceptional customer experience, team alignment, cause-related impact, greater meaning and even increased profits!

I think the message is so important I’m posting the whole presentation here along with a quick recap and some doodles…

evolvedenterprisediagramThe Evolved Enterprise™ is a way to go from simply a transactional business to a transformational one and even a transcending business.

It’s about creating a venture that authentically comes straight from your true essence, wrapped around a meaningful Cause (your WHY or impact) and then develops the Community, Culture and Creation itself.



And the most interesting part is all of this is actually good for business in all ways. Take a look at this graph showing companies featured in the Firms of Endearment book vs. the S&P 500:

Firms of Endearment

That’s pretty solid, right?

There’s new research I see consistently about customers having a preference to buy a product that creates an impact in some way. Check out the presentation for lots of examples of you can re-invent business as usual. Please leave a comment with your thoughts or share the message if you feel moved by it.



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  1. Yanik,

    Great presentation. Could not agree with you more on the shift that’s slowly occurring in business. If you don’t know you’d probably be interested in https://netimpact.org/‎. Doing great things nationally and in DC area too.

    Also, I live in Northern VA. and I was curious about the MD conscious capitalism group you mentioned. Open for others to join?


    • Chad – it’s part of an incubator in Columbia, MD. Conscious Venture Labs. Look forward to meeting you some point in the area and thank you for the resource.

  2. I agree 100%. I would definitely prefer to buy a product that creates a positive impact on the world in some way. I think most people would if given the choice between one that does and one that does not. I think that is the main reason some companies advertise “1% of proceeds from the sale of this protein bar goes to charity”.

  3. Thank you for the inspiration today! I really needed to hear it. It’s so easy to forget to follow your bliss.

    I’ve found myself mourning my impact. When I was young and full of ideas and happy-hippie-ideals I ran out into the world so sure that I’d make my living by making an impact. Now I’ve settled into a corporate world and crave having that impact that comes from expressing my authentic self in what I want to really do.

    It’s a simple thought but so important – profit alone isn’t happiness.

  4. I am reading a book right now that talks a lot about a shift in consciousness and this sounds like the same concept to me except more about business in general. I am glad I got to watch this presentation. I could use these ideas more in the things that I do every day with my own business. I really also liked hearing the quote – Who has more to gain than I do? That is a good one to remember.

    I have heard about Toms Shoes and their buy one give one program before and think it is a great idea. I wouldn’t have thought of the program causing problems to the local merchants but am glad to know that Toms is addressing the issue by creating more jobs.

    I really like the idea behind the fire hose products. Others that stood out to me were Homeboys and The Giving Keys. It is great to see that people are doing things like this. The concept of 3% forward sounds good and has me thinking about what kind of things I can do to create impact.

    Thanks for the book list at the end! I will be back to this page to watch your presentation again. I will also look forward to reading some of the books you recommend.

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