New Year’s World Resolutions

I don’t know if you make New Year’s resolutions or not but I’ve never really done it. I believe you don’t need to wait for a calendar to turn over in order to change your actions. You can do it daily. (Check out the “Return Path to Joy, Happiness and Bliss” herealong with a v2.0 of a daily worksheet you can use.)

Instead of a New Year’s resolution, I jotted this down in my journal at 12:02 AM, Jan 1, 2014:



What if instead of New Year’s resolutions we started thinking about ‘New World Resolutions’?

What would you contribute to have an impact on creating a whole New Earth? How would you contribute your unique piece to the collective?

Whatever your answer is – the best part is you could never break your resolution because it’s a lifelong journey and encompasses your entire life’s mission. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about this and one of my favorite books last year was The Great Work of Your Life: A Guide for the Journey to Your True Calling by Stephen Cope. (Read it!)

It’s not exactly a business book but really important.

Written by the Director of the Institute for Extraordinary Living at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. It’s a book that uses the 2,000 year old Bhagavad Gita teachings to help you ascertain your true path or Dharma. The Gita is not so much about ‘being’ – which is incredibly valuable – but about ‘doing’. Expressing your authentic being through your doing.

Part of the message of this book is doing the work that you put your full heart and soul into. And if you do that you don’t need to worry about the success or failure of the outcome. It’s about finding your unique contribution and living it. I’ve repeatability underlined this book and put lots of notes in the margins.

As you might be able to read in my journal – I wrote…

“Mine is co-creating business models, catalyzing and connecting entrepreneurs to solve the biggest social issues and global causes. 100 by the year 2100.”

Not quite a full sentence – so let me see if I can polish it a bit…

I connect and catalyze Maverick entrepreneurs and visionary leaders to co-create innovative business models and new ideas to solve 100 of the world’s most meaningful issues by the year 2100.

That’s a pretty tall order but one that I’m willing to put forth my resources, energy and talents toward. Something I think everything I do can line up against.


It’s not just an altruistic feel-good goal but a legitimate (and even potentially more profitable) business model I’m calling Evolved Enterprise™

I believe, business in the 21st century can be leveraged as a multiplier for good…co-creating something great. The Evolved Enterprise™ serves all stakeholders delivering an exceptional customer experience people want to help spread, greater team alignment, more direct cause-related impact, a deeper sense of coming from the founder heart and, most interestingly, additional increased profits.

I would envision there being different levels or stages of an Evolved Enterprise™ based on how fully you integrate a deeper meaning and consciousness into what you’re doing.

You can start more transactional perhaps and then work your way up to a more integrated transformational level or even transcendent level, way beyond a “typical” business. And the best part about this from a practical level is you actually can increase profits and create big wins for everyone involved.

For instance, on a transactional tie-in with a cause, I’ve seen split tests where our Maverick members have actually increased their conversion rates by having one page mention a cause they donated to and another page not say anything. The conversion went up 10% – and that’s on a $2,000 product.

In Jamaica, for our annual Maverick M3 Summit, we had a member report that they had a 17% upsell increase by changing their script to mention $1 from the product went to a charity. And across thousands and thousands of phone calls this adds up tremendously (theirs is one of the biggest call centers for DRTV). The best part is it’s big win/win – for the charity involved for increased funding and a win for their business too. The Evolved Enterprise™ can be more transactional, transformational or even transcend business.

I love seeing things like this work but I’m also immensely interested in “changing the course of the river” and not just pushing more water down the river, as a friend told me. How do we truly innovate to make sure the change is ‘baked-in’ into the business model.


One of the more well-known examples is TOMS shoes. Blake Mycoksie founder of TOMS shoes, really made the ‘buy one – give one’ model well known. You buy one pair of shoes and one pair of shoes goes to a child in need. It’s tangible and easy to understand with a direct impact by-product of buying something you want anyway. I see this as one of the most innovative impact models and it’s powerful. TOMS just reported they’ve given away over 10,000,000 shoes now. That means, obviously, they’ve also sold 10,000,000 pairs of shoes.

The “buy one – give one” model has been rocket fuel for their success and created super fans out their customers, team and suppliers. They were able to get unique partnerships and massive word-of-mouth because of their unique impact tie-in. Just imagine the difference between their model if TOMS said ‘we give a % of our profits to children’s charities’. (BTW – Blake has a good book out called “Start Something That Matters” that’s worth picking up.)

Here’s another interesting one…


Let’s take Not as many people are familiar with them as TOMS. They started off just a few years back doing limited edition t-shirts with $7 going to 1 cause they picked each week. Fast forward just a few years and they’ve hit $3,000,000+ in donations. Add that up and that’s a lot of products they’ve sold with $7 being donated.

I truly believe that businesses will be at a competitive disadvantage in the next 5-7 years without some sort of impact related cause to their venture and that’s how I plan to be all-in.

Giving 100%

In my journal entry I also wrote “Give 100%. Fulfilling your destiny of greatness”

The 100% part stems from something I’m not that keen to admit but I don’t think I’ve ever truly given 100%. I can see an interesting pattern looking back on my life. For instance in college, I’d go out the night before a big exam, come in late into the lecture hall, borrow a pencil and be the first one out. Even with that – I’d still get a solid ‘B’. And with my businesses, I’ve always done well and over-delivered but I’ve never given my everything. If I’m being totally honest, it’s probably because that leaves a little room to justify results if they are not what you hoped for. But screw that. That’s really not good enough anymore.

As I mentioned before, echoing the Great Work of Your Life book – by putting your full essence behind something, you let go of the outcome because your full effort is reward by itself.

I saw Marc Ecko, the founder of the billion dollar+ fashion and lifestyle brand Ecko Unlmtd, speak a few weeks ago at a CADRE DC event. His new book Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out is about building an authentic brand from the guts out to the skin. He told us that it didn’t matter what anybody said about the book or the reviews or how many it sold, because he had written it for his kids and he ‘won’ once the last word was written. (I was taking to Marc the other day and we’re going to be doing a teleseminar for you guys.)

Looking at my unique abilities, resources, network, “R&D”, etc. everything’s been leading up to connecting the dots. Everything from business models I’ve studied, my connections, the reputation I’ve built, my previous successes, past relationships, current distribution channels – truly everything.

And this Evolved Enterprise™ overlaid on the “100 by 2100 project” is MY path.

Of course, there are plenty of question marks bouncing around my head still like how I’d measure the impact on the 100 global issues, what that success looks like, etc. How that fits across what I’m doing everywhere, etc.

But I’m sure the right people will come into my life to help at the right time.

I believe in the interconnected destiny of greatness through the unique collisions of big ideas and incredible individuals, together we can co-create something meaningful. I can’t wait to see how the journey unfolds and hope you’ll be part of it. Drop me a comment with some thoughts and ideas to get the conversation rolling…


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  1. Brother Yank,

    I appreciate your energy trying to get me into your exciting business opportunity, but I’m focused on something much larger than man has ever accomplished before…I’m trying to create a program that will keep entire nations from starving and the beauty of this program is it puts money back into the purchasers pockets. So no more commercials begging people to reach out, but my program will actually encourage folks to buy our products because the profit goes back to them. By utilizing the bar codes on ALL products this can be done…However, I need a ghostwriter to put this together then the software to implement it into existence. If you know of any one interested in doing our Lords work Please send them to me…This program has NEVER been done before but I’m sure with the right people it can be created…To God be the Glory…

    Your brother in Christ,
    R. W. Henry LMT

    • R.W. – Big visions are inspiring and it’s something others can rally behind. Check out Startup Weekend. It might be just the place to team up with others to get this dream off the ground with people that have the skills you need.

    • I have been working on the same program and the original idea came to me about 2 years ago. I have the script so far and the diagram of the layout of the business model and also own the names of this new business model. The software is available, but I like you, need to raise the capital to build it along with getting an estimate as to the cost of actually building the software structure. It is indeed a new business model. Yes, to God be the glory. If you or someone out there who is interested in helping out with the development of such and idea, then feel free to contact me.
      Victory In Giving

  2. Yanik,
    Well written, great thoughts and ideas. Inspirational!

  3. Yanik – great message. Looking forward to our continued work together in Haiti. Little Houses are being built, children are being fed and lives are being saved and changed due to your efforts and the efforts of your Maverick Network. Definitely one of your 100 global causes in the works. Lets rally your network to join you and Philanthro Capitalist Frank McKinney on our Maverick Haiti Impact Trip May 14-17, 2014

  4. Hello Yanik, how are you doing?

    The world needs to turn into a globe of love and happiness rather than negativity. We need to help one and other.

    Selfishness, greed, evil needs to be reduced/eliminated and instead love, happiness and joy need to rise.
    This will take effort and time, but if one person can make a difference, a million people can change the world!

    We need to slowly help each other in assisting each others dreams and goals, without expecting anything in return.


    In order to your questions:

    “what that success looks like”
    …well one element of success is the smile on the person’s face that you have made a difference too, which is a form of success.

    “But I’m sure the right people will come into my life to help at the right time”
    …Yes, the people will come into your life at the right time. You will attract them like a magnet Yanik, because of all the good you have done for others.

    The more you help people, the more awareness you will get, and the more people will come to you, and assist you in achieving your goal.

    So you will attract more bodies, which will help you reach this challenge of yours Yanik

    Following this journey of love and positivness will help:
    -Your Charkas to align more correctly
    -Will Help you Visualise things by using your third eye (pineal gland)
    -you will be assisted in seeing the solutions to any obstacles by seeing the solution to how to get over these hurdles in a more ‘efficient way’
    -You will even start your journey to meeting up with James Bond 😉

    ..I hope that all makes sense…?

    P.S. are you still getting regular sales from your early ebook/software “Create a sales letter in 2 and a half minutes” ?

    If you need any help from this end, please feel free to ask.

    Otherwise I hope you and your family are keeping well.

    Matt Morgan.

  5. Here’s what i left on Yanik’s facebook page. Enjoy!

    I wrote an entire article on bee’s and how they are disappearing… That would definitely be at the top of the list as they pollinate over 80% of the worlds crops! I don’t think the “robotic bee solution” is going to be long-term sustainable. The bee hive owners are going out of business because of the decline causing an even bigger problem.

    Solution: Create a government incentivized program to support bee hive production. Get more research out about the new pesticides being SPRAYED on the crops by Monsanto and get them shut down so the bee population can naturally replenish itself.

    Another MASSIVE problem is GMO crops. GMO crops such as BT corn is designed so t that the mRNA injected into the corn interacts with bacteria in the insects stomach causing the insect to explode. The problem is… 97% of all corn production is GMO crops… AND they have mRNA particles that get into the cells of our bacteria in OUR GUTS!!! Researches are now finding that the same toxins that the mRNA particles create in the insects are now being created in our gut.

    SOLUTION: Raise more awareness about this. ONLY eat organic corn. Create a more comprehensive study conclusively showing the pesticide production in our guts from consumption of the GMO mRNA injected crop.

    Those are two biggies…

    • Isaac – thank you! Yes, I think the bees are one of the 100 for sure! I was just talking about it with the Mavericks over the weekend at Underground.

  6. I admire you and the goals you are striving for.

    As for the world’s most meaningful issues…I think global warming is one of them. Unfortunately I don’t really know what is going to solve it though.

  7. What a challenging and worthwhile goal!…100 by 2100 is a HUGE impact and I love that your goal is based on empowering others to grow into resources for the world.

    There’s so much to do and so much that needs fixing, it’s overwhelming. What are you doing to focus your efforts? What kind of metric are you planning to use to measure your progress?

  8. Reading this makes me wonder what kinds of things I can do to make a difference in the world. There are lots of things anybody can do but which is the right thing for me? You have given me something to think about.

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